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Task 1 – What are the current marketing activities for the business The business I have chose to do is Puma. This company is global and very well known through mass advertisement and marketing strategies. Advertisement is one of the main activities they do to promote the business; on TV they will pay a lot of money to buy slots for an advert especially in very popular TV programmes. They make very good adverts by making them funky and very colourful equipment and attire. Merchandise Another huge way of them marketing, in every big sports store or sporting event there will be Puma gear there. With teams or stadiums they sponsor, it is always a way to market the business as the brand will be all around the stadium and all the attire and equipment in the shop will be Puma. Sponsorship This is the biggest way to market the business as it gets seen everywhere by the public. The worlds fastest runner and most iconic athlete Usain Bolt he is the main face of puma and will promote a lot of running and active gear because people will wear it because he does. In golf aswell Ian poulter was the main face of puma along with ricki fowler who promote it and have it marketed everywhere. Questionnaire 1. Is puma a good brand? Yes/No 2. Do you like the Puma adverts? Yes/No 3. What sport does puma have the best equipment for? ………………………………………………………………………….. 4. Do you buy puma? Yes/No 5. Do you think it is a high quality brand? Yes/No 6. Would you buy puma as a gift? Yes/No 7. Do you like it more than Nike? Yes/ No 8. Do you think there marketing techniques are good?

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