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Sports Agent A professional sports agent works for professional athletes, coaches, or managers. A sports agent manages their clients’ life. Five areas that provide valuable knowledge to people who wish to become a sports agent are: job description, work environment, educational and personal requirements, salary and advancement opportunities, and job outlook. The job as a professional sports agent can be beneficial to anyone because one can represent athletes that are row models to the community. It brings one satisfaction to represent athletes of the sports one likes. Agents are providing a service that benefits both athletes and fans. They make both happy because agents are giving them what they desire. For example, if a team is in need of a forward with speed. As an agent one can give their client the opportunity to sign with that team, and by doing that an agent can make sure both sides are happy. The job description is to provide an athlete, coach, manager, or sports official a job that they will be happy with and the team they get signed by will be satisfied. An agent must locate a team for the client to work with. By the time an athlete acquires an agent, at least one team if not more is bidding for the services of the athlete. As an agent one will have to try to secure the best possible financial and benefit package for the client. A sports agent may also be retained to do other types of work, like acting as a financial agent. Agents may also locate product endorsements of the athlete`s favorite equipment. For example, if the athlete wears a lot of Nike equipment the agent must try and get the client a product endorsement with Nike. Sports agents may work with a variety of clients like athletes, sports officials, coaches, managers, and members of sports-oriented organizations and trade associations. The job as a sports agent takes place in either a home

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