Sports a Need Essay

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Sports are a huge part of my life. I can remember waking up in the morning on the weekends when I was little and watching the same episode of Sports Center over and over again until I knew everything that it said. I would go home every day after school and play basketball until it was so dark out that I couldn’t play any more. The only thing that I worried about was sports; I would obsess over one sport at a time until the season was over and it was time to start another. I spent countless hours just thinking about how I could perfect my game. Now that I’m a senior I find that all of the hard work has been worth it when the spotlight is on in a close game in front the home crowd. I go into a zone where I can’t hear anything except my teammates and my couch yelling from the bench. It seems like every shot that I shoot is sure to go in, and I have a rush of adrenaline running through me that helps me make it through the game. The feeling that you get after making the game-winning shot is incredible, but it is countered by the feeling you get when your team loses a close game to your rival team. Sports give me a way of escaping everything, allowing me to go into my own world where I can play without any worries and I can bond with my teammates. The feelings that you get when you play a sport are so diverse: you get the feeling that you are the king of the world at some points but at other points you get so frustrated that you feel like you might never want to play again. That is what I love about sports; you never know what is going to happen next. Every game is different from the next. You go through difficulties in real life just like you do when you play a sport, but if you work hard you will always come out a
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