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Money is the Motive Would it be great to make millions of dollars each year? I certainly think so. Is it entertainment or hard work? Professional sports is a big controversy on whether athletes should be paid what they are getting. They are doing what they love to do. Some may do it for the money while others do it as there only option. Do they really deserve what they make? Big name athletes like LeBron James make 200 dollars a second just for one game. Is that really necessary? Is it our fault, the fans, for buying and supporting them? I believe they should not get paid the amount of money do. There are other careers that should get paid more or what the athletes are being paid. For example teachers, policemen, and firefighters. The people who seem to make a difference in society do not get paid as much as entertainers. Why is that the case? Their work goes unappreciated. After all some of them helped the athletes get to where they are. People may believe it is a business but professional athletes are making too much money just to entertain people. I believe you should be paid on the importance of your career. Teaching is a very important job. Not only because they have the future generation in their hands but because teachers have to instil education into students effectively. Students are constantly learning. Another career is policemen and firefighters. They are extremely important in saving lives of civilians. They put their own lives at stake to save another person but they are not paid millions of dollars. Even the president is not making as much as someone like Tiger Woods or LeBron James. The president salary is what a football player is guaranteed in a contract. That means that a football player signs a contract for 2.5 million and he automatically gets 400,000 of it. To me this does not make sense how the one who is managing the economy is

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