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“Hosting major sporting events create more problems than benefits.” Do you agree? Today, we see a world driven by a fanatic enthusiasm for sports. The craze around sports, which has managed to garner considerable amount of attention globally makes sporting events international extravaganzas and we find nations across the globe bidding to host them. This leads us to believe that sporting events bring about huge benefits to a nation. However, by doing so, we ignore the underlying problems, which inevitably accompany the hosting, rights. Thus, hosting major sporting events seem to bring about benefits on the surface, but in actual fact, it is a double-edged sword that will inevitably result in the creation of problems due to the massive undertaking of these events that poses many challenges and the returns may not be worthwhile. This essay will examine why hosting a sporting event, despite its claimed advantages, is largely a problem to the host country. Hosting major sporting events will shift the spotlight to the country, allowing the country to be more well-known by people around the world. This creates benefits to the host country, as this would mean that more people would know about the country. An example is the 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix that was held in Singapore. Through this major sporting event that was well-known to all car racing lovers, Singapore had become more famous with the first night racing that was held in the city area. This had led to a small country becoming known to people that once did not know that Singapore existed. Hosting major sporting events also plays an important role in economic growth, allowing host countries to be able to enjoy economic benefits as a result of tourism. As a result of the enthusiasm for sporting events, people from all over the world will travel to host countries to watch the event bringing about an

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