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The Renaissance was a great cultural movement that started in Italy in the 1300's and spread through Europe. By 1600, the Renaissance had affected nearly all of Europe. Florence, Italy and the European region of Flanders were the centres of the Renaissance art movement. The word renaissance comes from the Latin word rinascere, which means reborn, or rebirth. During the Renaissance, artists tried to recapture the spirit of ancient Greece and Rome art in their own artistic work. Like ancient Greek and Roman art, Renaissance art often focused on religious subject matters. Renaissance painters used aspects of Roman statues and architecture in their paintings. The beginning of the Renaissance overlapped with a period of time in European history called the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, people believed their biggest responsibility was to serve God and save their souls. Renaissance thinkers and artists rebelled against this idea, turning their attention to issues of people's responsibilities and duties to society. While artists in the Middle Ages painted human figures that looked stiff and unrealistic for religious purposes, renaissance painters stressed the beauty and majesty of the human body. In the 1200's, Florentine painter Giotto was the first artist to depict people and nature realistically. He was also the first artist to create frescoes, or paintings on damp plaster. Giotto's work portrayed great emotion, and his paintings were set in realistic settings. Although Giotto lived before the Renaissance, his work influenced many Renaissance painters, architects, and sculptors. Some of the most important early Renaissance artists included architect Filippo Brunelleschi, painter Masaccio, and sculptor Donetaello. Brunelleschi was the first architect to revive the Roman style of architecture. He was also the first Renaissance artist to use linear perspective

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