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Demetrius Todd RESPONSE PAPER ONE In Chapter One Coakley explains that sports are “contested activities” and that people sometimes debate and struggle about “Who will participate in sports and under what conditions will their participation occur?” First, explain what Coakley means by “contested activities.” Second, identify and discuss two issues over which people have debated and struggled when it comes to who participates in sports. Third, street roller hockey is growing in popularity among middle class boys and girls in many suburban communities around the country. On the other hand, jump rope is growing in popularity among low income, African American girls in many large cities. Given our definition of sport compared to a game, contest, or race, which of these two activities has the best chance of becoming a sport in the United States? Given our lengthy discussion of the numerous features and/or characteristics of sport, explain your answer. In other words, using the features and/or characteristics of sport discussed in section one of the course, explain and discuss why street roller hockey and jump rope IS OR IS NOT a sport. I completely agree with Coakley first of all. I do not understand how cheerleading or golf is a sport. I understand the "contest" in these events but like Coakley said ," If the outcome is decided by a jude it is not a sport." To me thins means that the two competitors are not in control of who will win . There are three to 5 people who are not participating in the event who may all have there own way of looking at the performance and looking at how the competitor looks opposed to their opponent who in there mind knows they have lost. But because the competitors bra strap was showing they will lose 5 points. Thats not a sport the definition of sport ranges depending on origin and lifestyle in my opinion . Im from Chicago so
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