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Cliff Notes 1. No two events are exactly alike and require unique planning 2. Planning for events can be expensive and should be detailed 3. Careful preparation is crucial for the event to be a success 4. The actual event usually occurs during a short period of time 5. Financial risk include risk related to money 6. Safety risk include risk related to the safety of the people 7. Event marketing provides a service, thus making it intangible 8. Intangible aspects of an event include amusement, entertainment, and information 9. The event experiences varies with each attendee involved 10. The product and provider are inseparable 11. Unsold tickets for an event are perishable and cannot be sold later 12. Everyone must be able to work as a team, communicate, problem solve, and be organized 13. The steps to create an event management plan include scheduling the event, negotiating the contract, coordinating the event, stage the event, reconciling expenses, and evaluating the event 14. Scheduling the event includes finding and booking the appropriate facility 15. Negotiating the contract includes defining the terms of the contract including revenues and expenses and how the money is split 16. Coordinating the event includes getting everything ready in place before the event begins 17. Staging the event includes monitoring the event and making sure that everything works smoothly with as little disruption as possible 18. reconcile expenses is done according to the terms negotiated in the contract 19. evaluate the event to determine success or failure of event 20. Training for the intervention Procedures by servers of alcohol (TIPS). TIPS are an alcohol education program for servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol offered by Health Communications, Inc. 21. The TIPS coalition mission is to

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