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Sporting Event Coordinator In the world of sports, an event planner organizes and plans for all aspects involved in hosting sporting events, as well as promoting the event itself. There is typically a lot of planning and behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing a facility for a large sporting event, as many events have the potential to attract thousands of in-house spectators, on top of a large television audience. Some of the responsibilities associated with sports event planning may include the following: transportation and lodging preparation for the team and their equipment, team news is distributed to the media before and after the event, contingency plans are prepared in the event of an emergency, and safety of spectators and players are of primary concern. As an event coordinator, you will meet with the team or athlete’s representatives and discuss all event needs, including arranging transportation, organizing the schedule, acquiring appropriate security and accommodation for media, and handling any audio-visual equipment needs. Athletes and team owners may change, but the sport usually remains the same, as do many of the tasks associated with preparing for sporting events. Event coordinators may have to deal with a variety of factors, such as bad weather or increased security for events, so it's important that they develop skill sets like time management and attention to detail. Other duties and skills of an event coordinator may include: facility inspection, event Logistics, ability to multitask, copywriting, oral/written communication skills, client Liaison, proactive Direct Marketing, attendance at Client Meetings, and Leadership/management experience.Event coordinators may work with local and national media outlets and prepare press kits. They may also conduct post-event analysis with owners and managers, and may be in charge of approving

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