Sport Is Essential for Building Character

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Year 11 English: Persuasive Oral Playing sport consistently from a young age is guaranteed to develop good character. In today’s world, the upbringing of a child is considered very important. Studies have shown that what a child learns and experiences in its early life can effect and influence their later life. This is why we take education so seriously and try to immerse our children in as many positive experiences as possible, because in theory this will lead to a positive later life. One thing that an individual can develop and hold whether they are academically educated or not, can be character. A good character is considered a very good thing to have especially in our society which can prove destructive, demanding and where first impressions are everything. Every day experiences can develop a character, but here are the reasons why playing sport from a young age develops such a good character required for today’s way of life. Sport is great way to release energy. Young children and teenagers can sometimes have too much energy. By playing a sport after school or on weekends, this can help use that energy and avoid situations where that lingering energy can translate into restless, playful and aggressive behavior. These behaviors can effect the Child’s academic performance and ability to focus, take note and learn. With playing sport, over time the child will learn to focus and manage their energy on things that matter while avoiding things that can get them into trouble. This is good characteristic to have and one that can be noticed easily by other people. My second point is this: Sport is competitive and so is the world we live in. The sport field in a way can be seen as a gradual training field for life. Competing and working with teammates will create a sense of competiveness within an individual’s character. By progressing through
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