Sport And American Cultural Expansion In The 1930's

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Homework #1 Due April 19th by 10pm (60 points) Student Name: ____Maryann Lara___________________ Instructions: Read “Spreading Peace, Democracy, and Coca Cola: Sport and American Cultural Expansion in the 1930’s”, then answer the following questions. Save the document on your own computer or disk, complete the questions then e-mail it back to instructor at 1. What was the single greatest contribution of the U.S. to the development of international sport before WWII (World War II)? (5 points) It was the staging of the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.10 Extraordinarily successful despite the Depression, the 1932 Games marked the transformation of the Olympics from a relatively mar-ginal and elitist event…show more content…
In your own words, describe Hollywood’s involvement in the 1932 Olympics. And, what did this involvement accomplish? (15 points) Hollywood’s connection to the games provided enormous benefits, including financial backing and a hefty dose of glamour and celebrity. It tightened international sport’s ties to other realms of entertainment and culture, reinforcing the idea that athletes, like movie stars, were fundamentally entertainers and helping to democratize the Olympics by integrating them into mass…show more content…
What event led, directly, to the establishment of the first professional baseball league in Japan? (5 points) The American influence on international sport in the 1930s was also significant beyond the world of sport. In the thirties it was the dictatorships far more than the democracies that recognized the potential political value of international sport. Hitler, Mussolini, and Japanese nationalists eagerly sought political gain through success in international sports competitions. 5. On AAU sponsored tours, how were athletes encouraged to act? Why were they asked to behave that way? (10 points) They were convinced that the popularization of sport was an effective means of spreading their own values and ideas, and they framed their participation in international sport as a moral crusade to spread peace and democracy. 6. What sporting event, in the late 1930’s, was billed as the “battle between democracy and dictatorship”? (5 points) Berlin Olympic Games 7. Explain what was at the center of the debate over the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Elaborate on the situation in Germany, and what would have the perception been around the world if American attended the games. What was the rationale for U.S. participation? (15

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