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Task 1 – Unit 1 Metacarpals Metacarpals Phalanges Phalanges Carpels Carpels Radius Radius Clavicle Clavicle Sternum Sternum Ribs Ribs Humerus Humerus Fibula Fibula Tibia Tibia Lumber vertebrate Lumber vertebrate Thoracic Vertebrate Thoracic Vertebrate Scapula Scapula Skull Skull P1 - Describe the structure and function of the skeletal system Pelvis Pelvis Ischium Ischium Sacrum Sacrum Ilium Ilium Phalanges Phalanges Metatarsals Metatarsals Tarsals Tarsals Ulna Ulna Femur Femur Patella Patella Types of major bone:Example of Long bone: Femur Example of Short bone: Carpals Example of Flat bone: Scapula Example of Sesamoid bone: Patella Example of Irregular bone: Ilium Categories of Technical Skills:Long bones: Limbs are found in your long. They have a tube known as the diaphysis and two stretched ends known as the epiphysis.Short bones:The short bones are small and cuboid designed, many of which can be found nearby your hand and toes. The carpals and tarsal of the wrist and ankles are example of short bones.Flat bones:Flat bones are made up of a layer of spongy bone between two thin layers of compact bone.Sesamoid bones:Sesamoid bones have particular jobs. Seamoids are found within a tendon such as the patella in the knee. Irregular bones:Irregular bones help many resolutions in the body, such as protection of nervous tissue. | Function of the Skeletal SystemSupport, Protection, attachment for the skeletal muscle, source of blood cell production and store of minerals.Categories of Technical Skills:Support:Your bones provide your body shape and offer the supporting structure for the soft tissues of your body, for example the rib could be upkeep the bone.Protection:It is the bones in your skeleton that is mantle and defends your vital and tissues

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