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Carbs and performance There are three macro nutrients that help towards improving performance. Protein, fat and carbohydrate. Protein helps repair the damages from the effects of performance, fat that needs carbs to burn, carbs travels to the muscle that improves performance. Glycogen symphaise known as G.S. G.S produces glycogen that stores within the muscle. There have been theories to enhance performance for endurance athletes. The two most respected theories were developed by Astrand in 1967 and Sherman in 1981. Astrand believed athletes should lower the carbohydrate intake following up to the performance day, three days before the performance day the athlete will increase the cho intake, this is called carb loading. By carb loading this will increase the amount of cho within the athlete’s muscles. Astrand idea soon developed faults due to the low amounts of sugar intake that had an affect due to the low intake of cho. Athletes were running out on carbs which lead to psychological issues within the athlete’s mentality. Sherman expanded on Astrand theory that would decrease the negative psychological effect. Sherman would provide a mixed diet that would involve endurance athletes a 65% intake of cho 20% fat and 15% protein, this will cause the body react that causes G.S to be produced, and this should end up with double the carb capacity in the muscle than Astrand’s idea. During performance or post performance to ensure quick carb release sugary intakes such as jelly babies, sweet cakes or energy drinks will be consumed rather than heavy food types such as bread as the sugars in the sweet snacks react quicker. By consuming liquid also helps the athletes hydration

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