Sponsorship Opportunity Essay

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* * * Centurion Boxing * Presents * * Personal Boxing Sponsorship Opportunity * * * * * * * * * * Overview Welcome to the world of great minds. In 1998, on a Thursday, tragedy caused a major setback in my life. My son, who was all so precious to me was murdered. My life changed from that day forward. Having my son stolen from me resulted in negative actions that silently delayed me from being society’s gift as both an entertainer and professional athlete. My son, Toop Jones, was 12 years old when he was violently murdered. I cannot explain the pain and suffering that a father endures when he loses a child. I was angry. I became confrontational and negative. I wanted revenge on someone, anyone, for the agony and heartache that I endured from the loss of my son. I struggled to change and became even angrier. I eventually became a victim as well. The setback cost was great. I would suffer severe progress in pursuing my dreams for eight years due to incarceration. My anger and incarceration caused me not only to lose my son but to lose my wife as well. After being divorced, a total family separation became real. Further chain of events lead to a continuum of negativity, feelings of being victimized, treated like a menace to society, and loss of a

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