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SpongeBob SquarePants There are many people who have been at work all day who just want to come home and relax while lying on the sofa enjoying a good television show. Unfortunally, it may be difficult for some people who have children to do this. Why is this? Most children usually tend to need some sort of entertainment and most parents would not want to leave them outside without some sort of supervision. So, what do some parents do to get their so-called "relaxation" time? They prop their kids in front of the television. in another room and turn it to a cartoon station. This is one major problem, because parents think that all cartoons on a cartoon station are appropriate for children. That is not true, not all cartoons are appropriate for children to watch. A perfect example of one of these cartoons is "SpongeBob SquarePants". "SpongeBob SquarePants" is a popular cartoon on Nickelodeon about an animated, yellow kitchen sponge who lives and goes on many adventures under the sea in a town called Bikini Bottom. The colors, silly songs, and magical things that would never happen in real life such as talking sponges and underwater squirrels catch children's attention. Parents who let their children watch this cartoon need to sit down and pay complete attention to one of the episodes. Why? "Characters in the cartoon sometimes use words like "stupid" or "jerk" that parents may not want their kids to repeat" (About.com). Take the episode, "Pest of the West" for example. It gives off a horrible lesson for children on treating friends, because SpongeBob constantly offends his best friend Patrick Star and there is a ton of name-calling such as the word "stupid." Also in the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick sing a song called, "Idiot Friend" which is not very appropriate to say no matter how old you are. It would be a major problem for children to repeat these things from

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