Spoken Word " Parents" Essay

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Last night, as I was lying in bed, I wondered, How do I teach, when I feel I have let you down, How do I go on When I look in your eyes and see your judgment? Where did I fail you? How did I let this happen? I remember speaking to Them, Explaining, just how important their presences was Just how much effort you put into your work, How dedicated you are to your writing, How invested, How important all this will be for YOUR FUTURE How do they claim to want your success? When they do not even want to take the time to enjoy your work How will they judge us teacher? When they do not participate in your school life. How will they evaluate your growth? When they do not know where you started How will they trust you? When they do not see you grow into the adult How can they guide your steps? When they do not know the adventures you’ve already completed. You showed so much courage, Yet they will never know, You cried on stage Yet they will never know, People where moved by your work Yet they will never know, You trusted another to stand by you that day. Yet, you will never know, You found yourself that day Yet they will never know, You lost yourself that day, Yet, they will never know. Where do we go from here? How do I show the same amount of courage as you did on stage? How to I look at Them and not judge them? How do I show respect? How do I let go of this guilt? How do I escape my anger? How do I get past this disappointment? How do I raise your spirit when mine is so low? How do I lead you to your path? HOW DO I? Patient Affectionate Respectful Eternal love Never Give UP Time Time

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