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Spoken Language Essay = My Personal Idiolect

  • Submitted by: louise43
  • on April 16, 2012
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My Personal Idiolect.
I am someone who speaks both Welsh and English, but I tend to think in Welsh rather than English. I use a lot of Welsh words in my own personal idiolect such as: “ond” which is “but” and “a” which is “and”, I also use “felly” which is “therefore”. I don’t think I have a favourite filler, but the one I think I say the most is “um” as I am constantly thinking in Welsh.
I know of a few people in Hereford Sixth Form College who do speak Welsh, so that is giving me the chance to keep my Welsh up. As I said before I use many Welsh words in my idiolect. For good and bad I use Welsh words. For good I tend to use “da” and for bad I would normally use the word “drwg”. So when I am talking with my friends they are constantly asking me what these words mean as they do not know what they mean.
For different groups of people, I tend to use a variety of different dialects. For example, if I’m with my peers or my friends and something is happening I would say “Wass appatainin?” which in the Queen's English means “what’s happening?” On the other hand when I’m talking to my parents, I would tend to use what some people would call “proper” English, because my parents are always correcting me on my grammar.
Following on from how I speak when I’m with my friends, according to some of my family and some of my friends, apparently I have a different tone of voice when I’m speaking to different people on the phone. For example if I am talking to family and friends from the area where my family comes from, Merthyr Tydfil, I talk with a very strong Merthyr accent. On the other hand, if it is a number I do not recognise or do not have saved in my contacts, apparently I put on a “posh” accent and I tend to use this accent when I ring important establishments like Hereford Sixth Form, for example.
When I am talking to my friends on the phone, instead of saying “Where are you?”, I tend to say “Where you too ‘en?” in a very strong Merthyr accent. My...

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