Spoken Language Essay

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Explore how the three participants adopt their spoken language in the radio broadcast, analysing and evaluating attitudes to language varieties and the key issues that arise from these attitudes. The three participants; Joan Rivers, Darcus Howe and Libby Purves, in this specific radio broadcast that I will be analysing and evaluating show very interesting attitudes throughout and each of them can be interpreted in many ways. Darcus and Joan tend to use very informal language whilst conversing, as this situation is not something of a formal approach. The conflict between Joan Rivers and Darcus Howe may be considered a misunderstanding and an over exaggeration to the audience at first glance, but as you take a closer look to their tone, accent and language used, you get to see a much wider picture of what may be going on in the mindsets of these individuals. Darcus Howe was on the show to converse about a film that he was promoting about race, and Joan was planning on talking about her tour, as stated later on in the conversation. Joan Rivers firstly lost her temper when Darcus stated that the term “black offends Joan”. She could have got irritated by that statement for many reasons, but I personally feel that it was either because she had just made a very unbiased opinion on race at the start and believes that racial discrimination should be stopped and looked down upon, and then he completely disregards what she has said by making her sound like a hypocrite on air, or because she felt the need to immediately clear up the allegations pointed at her due to the fact that she was starring in a live radio broadcast and would not want people getting the wrong impression of her as this allegation could lead to the loss of her reputation or maybe even her career as a whole. Obviously the radio show has many rules and regulations, which must be followed and this argument
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