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The 21st Century teenagers. Teens are becoming a vastly spoken subject today as their changing lifestyles are bringing about a lot of change in the world. Lifestyles of teenagers today are not at all the same from what it use to be 50 years ago. 50 years ago, teens were more interested in studies, sports, hobbies and day to day activities. But today, it has taken a whole new phase where teen life is all about parties, drinking, smoking, drugs and sexual pleasure. Most peoples first though about teenagers will be negative: wild, irresponsible, immoral and violent. For generations people have complained about young people but today the amount of concern and the level of fear is deeper than the ‘when I was young’ lessons of our grandparents . Teenagers today depend on the media for information on everything; the latest gadgets, the latest fashion trend, the newest care in the market to coax their parents in to buying, the best places around the country to eat out at or to find out what their celebrity is up to. The effect of media on teenagers is incredible, where it controls the mind of teenagers like a giant remote control. Most teenagers say they highly value honesty and hard work and that they are engaged in positive activities. The biggest pressure in a teenager’s life is school exams and the pressure of getting into a good college. Some teenagers are dedicated and work hard in school and there are some teenagers who are doing things they are not meant to be doing: taking drugs, smoking, sex and crime. Close to half of 15-16 years old have had sex, drugs, alcohol and teenager pregnancy as a very serious problem. A young teenage girl, Rebecca Smith age 16, tells us about the youth and teenage smoking ‘’ being a young teenager living in a big youth can be hard, you have school stress, and crime which is very high in 2011. I’m only 16 and I smoke, I started

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