Spoken and Web Based Communication Essay

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English example paragraphs Intro example: …web based communication allows for the participant to consider their response in a way we cannot in face to face conversations. Where a long silence in spoken conversation may be seen as shifty, or imply someone is avoiding a real answer, this can easily be explained away as a computer error in web based communication. Indeed the face we can so easily blame the technology for errors in tone or someone taking something ‘the wrong way’ means that web based communication is often less awkward and embarrassing. This being said, it also means that you cannot ever trust fully what is said online the way you can your own reading of a situation in a face to face conversation. Amy’s sarcasm in conversation A is clear through her paralinguistic features and tone of voice, whereas Sam’s tone in web conversation B, when he says he ‘can’t wait for school tomorrow’ is less clear. He now has the ability to tell anyone who follows up that he was serious or was kidding, both are plausible. Amy is locked into her sarcastic tone the minute she speaks it. She can apologise later, but cannot deny it. The only removal of face to face perception mean that Sam has more freedom than Amy to say what he wants because he can always deny it later. Paragraph 2 example: Expressing strong opinion is easier in spoken rather than web based communication In web page A the writer is attempting a sarcastic tone when reviewing the film. Her use of italics on words like ‘great’ and over dramatizing how she would rather ‘gouge out her eyes’ than ‘watch another minute’ emphasises to the reader that she didn’t care for the film. If the words were taken purely at face value she would appear to quite like the film when she mentions ‘wonderfully simple acting’ and ‘the kind of direction we expect from someone like him’ however the gradual building of insulting
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