Spoiling a Baby

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Psych 120 “can you spoil a baby” 1. There are limits to how much a baby can be spoiled. I support the theory that a baby limits need to be differentiated between his needs and wants. Yet the child has to grow up being taught to respect his elders. Parents want their children to have everything they wish to please their kids. Sometimes this can lead to a spoiled child. Parents feel like they need to get everything for their children so the parents can be loved by their kids. In this case, it is the parent’s responsibility to distinguish, as infants, what the baby needs and what he wants. 2. A parent might spoil their kids by getting them what they want all the time and not what they need. When they grow up, they are expecting to get anything they wish. If they don’t get what they want, they start to act up and giving attitude. Or even not listening to their parents because their parents didn’t give them what they want. 3. The other argument is that you are not spoiling your baby when you are providing for them when they cry or giving them what they need and want. 4. I can also agree with this agreement till a certain point. I agree that a child does need the attention when he is an infant. There are ways to answer an infant when he cries or asks for something. Infants needs need to be met in order to build trust with the infant. Parents cannot leave a baby crying thinking that he just wants to be picked up. When a baby is crying, he needs to be fed, changed or played with. 5. In Erik Erikson’s stage of trust vs mistrust, this is when the baby needs his attention because he is helpless. An infant can only get attention by crying. Erikson states that this is when the infant develops trust in the world. For example if he is crying for food, is something there to feed him? Or when he cries for comfort, are his parents going to be there with him?
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