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Spitfire Grill The movie Spitfire Grill had plenty of theological elements. The town of Gilead where the movie takes place is a small town, where everybody knows everything about what’s going on with who, when, and where. When Percy, the main character came to town everybody wanted to know where she came from and why she came. The people of the town find out why she came and their view of her changed completely. She came for a new start after spending time behind bars for manslaughter. Percy can be seen as a Christ like figure in the movie in several different ways. One being that everybody in the town knew who she was just as everyone knew who Jesus was in his time. Another way she was a Christ like figure in the movie is that she led by example, in a sense that she did everything in a Christ like way. The most important Christ like figure role she played in the movie was at the conclusion of the movie when she sacrificed her life for Eli. Eli represented a figure in this film in a sense that he was the one she had feelings for in a sense, she had a connection with him just as Jesus did with us. The movie deals with relevant themes of redemption. Percy had gone to jail and she had a fresh start in the town of Gilead. Just as we have a fresh start after confession or repenting to God. There was a theme of hatred in certain parts of the movie, for example Hannah the Spitfire Grill’s owner, her nephew, had hatred feelings toward Percy. He thought wrong of Percy; he judged the book by its cover. We as humans are used to that point of view, judging a book by its cover, the ending part of the movie where he confesses that he was wrong really taught a good lesson to all of us. Compassion was defiantly another theme in this film, compassion was a theme in a sense that Hannah and the town were compassionate for one another, they all relied on each other. In the

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