Spiritual Leadership Essay

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Leadership and spirituality Effective leadership is multi-disciplinary, involving not only those disciplines of sociology, Psychology and technology, spirituality as well. This new approach is effective because of the different ways it offers of gaining deeper insights into a leader’s own spiritual self, but also beyond this to others with whom the leader interacts, and others who are affected by the results of their leadership. A spiritual leadership approach asks fundamentally different questions about what it means to be human, what we really mean by growth, and what values and power distributions are needed to enhance both organizations and society as a whole. The approach to leadership and spirituality is not from a religious standpoint; although for many, religious faith plays a significant role being, for them, where spirituality lies. My position on spirituality is more from a sense of connectivity, a relationship, such as what James Lovelock (2006, p. xi) calls ‘‘Gaia’’, a metaphor for the living earth, an ecological relationship, and others nonlocality (Laszlo, 2006:13) ‘‘nonlocal connections’’, or what Sarkar calls microvita. Inayatullah (www.ru.org/102-subodh.htm) states that for Sarkar: ‘microvita are entities that exist between conception (mental realities) and perception (physical realities). In their crudest forms, they are viruses.’ What can be the implications for organisational leadership of spirituality? Inayatullah (2005, p. 99) says: ‘A living organization without inspiration or microvita does not last (employee burn out, fatigue, loss of purpose). Microvita is a mysterious ingredient that helps to move the organization from data to information to knowledge to wisdom. Most importantly they act as a trigger to create an organization in which members can experience transcendence.’ References Lovelock, J. (2006), The

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