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Spiritual Intelligence vs. The Ego: A Balancing Act Christine Salazar School of Graduate and Professional Programs Master of Arts in Management Communication Skills GM620A Most everyone in the workforce today can relate to at least some level of stress that is presented to them each and everyday while on the job. Our society is mainly focused on the “rat race”; the goal is to live the American dream. Americans today are working longer hours and taking fewer vacations. Employees are faced with new challenges and dilemmas that have occurred in the changing workforce. Stress is at an all-time high. In Mike George’s article, “Practical Application of Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace”, the relatively new concept of spiritual intelligence is explored. George presents a unique stance on the importance of spiritual intelligence and its impact in today’s workplace. George writes that a vibrant workplace must consist of three important elements: creativity, meaning, and purpose. Although the elements are crucial to development and improvement within an organization, they are rarely found in the real world. George believes our ego is the main barrier to change and development. While the ego is thought to bring a person into contact with experiences that truly satisfy his or her needs, George suggests the ego and spiritual intelligence are at odds. “Spiritual intelligence reveals it [ego] to be the one and only enemy, the seed of all obstacles to progress and the cause of all visible and invisible conflict between people” (George, 2006, p. 3). He believes when someone has developed their spiritual intelligence, they are able to look past the ego. Spiritual intelligence is a concept I am beginning to integrate into my own personal experiences. I agree with George that spiritual intelligence can be applied in many areas of working life. In his

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