Spiritual Enlightenment Essay

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The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment is an interfaith spiritual community that follows the tradition of Kriya Yoga. It is a place where people join together to learn and grow. The community at this center focuses on learning wisdom and compassion and “awaken their minds to life’s inherent goodness.” Their teachings focus on getting the followers to believe that one must live a “spiritually conscious” life by following rules such as harmlessness, truthfulness, and using life’s energy in a way that is effective. The center began in 1981 as a chapter for spiritual awareness. The center is a worldwide ministry with a main focus on teaching meditation and bringing the teachings of the east to a new community in the west. In 1989 the center expanded its doors and became The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (CSE) an independent non-profit ministry. Besides offering a place to worship the center offers classes in spiritual philosophy, healthy living, hatha yoga, retreats, spiritual direction and counseling. They even have a children’s spiritual education class and leadership training. The core teaching of the center are “ageless wisdom, the perennial philosophy, or the eternal way.” The four fundamental principles of this teaching are - there is only one “power” he is called by many different names - nothing exists without the spirit - all human beings are demonstration of life -spiritual awareness is needed in order to awaken the inner spirit. At the center they teach their followers that if we only use our mind and body we are limiting ourselves from awakening the spirit and through the practice of self-discipline people can achieve life’s purpose which is spiritual awakening. At the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Karaka. I asked him what some of his early difficulties or setbacks were when he first got
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