Spinning Essay

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SPINNING The cotton fiber grows in the seedpod or boll, of the cotton plant. Each fiber is a single elongated cell that is flat, twisted, and ribbon like with a wide inner hollow (lumen).It is composed of about 90 percent cellulose and about 6 percent moisture; the remainder consists of natural impurities. The outer surface of the fiber is covered with a protective wax like coating which gives the fiber a somewhat adhesive quality. After this hydraulic pressing is done and cotton is been tested for the quality control. And then it has been sent for even moisture distribution. After all these processes this bale cotton gone to traders and textile mills receives these bale cotton from traders. As soon as the cotton arrives at the mill after ginning process in large bales weighing about 500 pounds (225 kg) each it is been kept for 24 hours. 1. BLENDING STEPS: Cotton is passed from bales and then to apron. Apron moves cotton to blending apron. Blending apron has sharp spikes the raise cotton until part of it is knocked off by the roll. Some of the cotton stays on apron. The cotton knocked back by roll and continues to chum and blend until picked up again by apron. Another roll strips off cotton that was not knocked back by previous roll. Cotton falls on conveyor belt and is carried to next process. WHY IT???S BEEN DONE?It is necessary so as to obtain uniformity of fiber quality. 2. OPENING STEPS: Lint cotton falls on apron and passes between feeder rolls to beater cylinder. The rapidly whirling beater blades take off small tufts of cotton, knock out trash, and loosen up the mass. The two screen rolls are made of screen material and air is sucked out of them by fan. This draws the cotton from beater and condenses it on the surface of the screen rolls from which it is taken and passed on by the small rolls. Air suction through cotton takes out dirt and trash.
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