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Many decades have passed and yet we have not fully, lived up to Dr. King’s dream, the dream of a land where each person would be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin. (MLK) Instead of judging children based on their skin color, we must take in account children’s personality, intelligence, attitude, behavior and most importantly the fact that they are human beings. Two of the characteristic that I would like judged my children by educational and general behavior. First of all, I would like to judge my children by education because they need to make better life and job in the future. Obviously, it’s my responsibility to send my children to school and prepare them for future career. My children would be judge to be hard worker because they able to change the impossible to possible, so they will be success person in future society. In addition, the educated children have secure job in the future. As a result, they able to get good position and salary for their life. On the other hand, they can have better communication with propositional people. Second, I would like to judge my children by general behavior because it’s important my children to appreciate of being responsible; also I would judge them to develop their habits and to be strength of act in every day of their life such as respect to people, and practice to be honest. For example, respect is a part of responsibility of person, so I would like to judge my children to be respect of other people because it’s show that the basic manner of every people. In addition, I would judge my children to be honest person, and it’s my responsibility to teach them how to honest to themselves. It’s my job to teach my children to be strong to facing up their mistakes and admit the

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