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Arachnophobia of spiders Arachnophobia is an abnormal fear of spiders in which individuals are scared. There are multiple symptoms that can take place with having a fear of spiders, depending on the level of fear that individual have with arachnids. There is a couple ways a person can get rid of their fear of arachnids and that is therapy, and medical treatment, that individual must go under an intense treatment, that can last for months or years. Arachnophobia is an abnormal fear of spiders, meaning that an individual with the fear of spiders often check things twice before bringing them home. People that have this fear including me, might often fumigate their homes and check items multiple times; especially items where spiders like to hide and feed. For example whenever I see a spider in my room, I have to go through multiple steps before I feel comfortable to re-enter my room. The first thing I do is spray my room with raid, killing any insect that may be living among me that I am unaware of. Secondly, I vacuum my room then, I wash all my dirty clothes and bed sheets because, spiders like to live in places that are filthy. This is a unique fear in which people can eventually become mentally ill, and physically sick at the site of a spider. The word arachnophobia is a Greek term; the word arachn means spiders and phobia means fear. This is considered to be a specific fear of spiders whether it is big or small. There are many things that cause the fear of spiders; many of them can be traced back to a person’s childhood as to what triggered that individual to be afraid. Usually it is a traumatic experience that happens to the individual that made him/her afraid, and it stays with that person for the rest of their lives, unless they get it treated. For example, people that don’t go through therapy will live with this fear for the rest of their lives;

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