Spiders Essay

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Most people are not enthused to come across a predatory invertebrate, better known as the spider. with their long sometimes hairy 8 legs this creture can send many shivers up peoples spines, sometimes it makes a person feel uneasy, or may even cause someone to suffer from arachnophobia. All though these creature may look scary, we dont actually relise that they are a blessing in disguise. if the world had no spiders we would have an overload of insect infestation. There are more the 35,000 species of spiders around the world, and about 3,400 species are found in north america alone. However only a small amount of spiders contain a poisiness bite. Some bites cause a alot of pain, but no long lasting health problems, but one of the spiders that cause death is the black widow. The black widow is found throughout all 4 deserts of the American South-west, having said that, the black widow inhabits most the warmer regions of the world. This type of spider belongs to a group called the cob weavers. The female black widow are the most venomous in all of north America. If there was ever a time where you would come across a spider of this kind, always stay calm as the venom of a black widow is 15 times as toxic as the venom of a Praire rattlesnake. A males bite is considered harmless, it is only the females bite that is considered a threat to

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