Spiderman vs Superman

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Spiderman vs. Superman Super heroes are loved by almost everyone. Spiderman and Superman are two of the most popular superheroes known to man. Everyone has seen the movies, the television shows and read the comic books about them. Superheroes are role models that young boys look up to and something that grown adults admire. Spiderman and Superman are peoples little secret pleasures. Spiderman and Superman are different in many ways. Spiderman started out as a normal teenage boy named Peter Parker. He was a normal boy who went to a regular high-school, when one day he got bitten by a radioactive spider that changed his life forever. This boy went from normal Peter Parker to superhero Spiderman. Spiderman has super senses and super strength, and based off of the original comic books, he had spider web cartridges that shoot out his spider webs. As any super hero does, he is great at saving New York City pedestrians from danger. Superman on the other hand is a completely different story. Superman’s human name is Clark Kent. Clark isn’t from the planet Earth, he was sent to earth by his real parents on planet Krypton. He learns about his super powers when he was in high-school as well. Superman is different from Spiderman, because Superman is virtually invincible, his only weakness his kryptonite. Superman’s powers are much different than Spiderman’s as well. Superman has super strength, super senses, and he can fly, as opposed to climbing buildings, like Spiderman does. The two super heroes are similar because both of them found out about their powers when they were in high-school. They both save the lives of helpless citizens in their towns. Being a super hero separates both Spiderman and Superman from the average people around them. They are so different, they both have amazing super powers, and the average person has always looked up to super humans, and super

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