Spiderman vs. Odysseus

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Spiderman vs. Odysseus As we flip through the family photo albums, we always seem to love the satisfaction that we receive as we point to cousins or siblings and nag on them for how they used to look. It is a cycle of life; as time progresses, different ideas or the way we view things are developed and formed. With time, even forms of entertainment have changed. About 30 years ago, a movie would be enjoyed very much if it contained nothing more than two things: action and romance. It did not even matter that the motion picture did not contain color, good graphics, or with some, even sound. Today, movies are being shown with 3D image, scientific findings, drama, and if the graphics are not the top quality the theatre is empty. One thing, however, that has not dramatically changed is the view of a hero. According to dictionary.com, a hero is “a warrior- chieftain of special strength, courage, or ability.” With that in mind, we differentiate normal characters from heroic ones. After reading various texts, I have become deliberate with different heroes that share similar characteristics which made them well-known. In the period that Homer was well-known for his work, heroes were known to be Homeric Heroes; for example, Odysseus from The Odyssey is an epic hero from the Homeric Period. The heroes known to today’s children are known as modern day heroes; for example, Spiderman is a favorite modern epic hero. Although the stories told, are completely different, these two male heroic models share a few of the same traits, which is known as a distinguishing feature in each character (dictionary.com), that helped them receive their heroic stand such as strength, sharp intellect, and confidence. With the similarities, however, do come the differences; two traits they do not both resemble is thirst for glory and nobility. Strength is one of the most important traits for a
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