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My way of enjoying my favorite meal is going out to my favorite restaurant which is Spice in New York City. It has the best and most exotic menu of Tai Food, then any other restaurant I have been to. Although the transportation is very hectic, from the sickening light rail ride, to the shaky train ride, and walking those long never ending blocks in the city. And lets not for get the awful body odder of all the surrounding people through the whole journey. But one is in the restaurant one forgets all that, and just cant wait to have to mouth watering food. One thing is the atmosphere and the people are really nice. And the food is just out of this world. One thing is the atmosphere, and the people of the restaurant. Best time I like going to the restaurant is at night. All the light is are completely dimmed off, from the outside it looks dark, like walking into a pitch black room. But then when the waiters seat the people, they can see that they same put out gorgeous, lovely scented candles on each of the tables in the restaurant. Finally when they seat people, as it is always so crowded there a waiter comes along after sometime to take the order, the waiter are very polite. Although sometimes they take their whole life to bring the order, at that point I just want to get up and start blacking out. As I wait for my food I’m just playing and messing with everything on the table, and gossiping with my friends. The food is out of this world. As soon as I walk into the restaurant I begin to smell all the magnificent aromas. As the waiter is bring the food over to the table before he even sets it down, I can smell the goodness, and my mouth starts watering. Also even more then the way it taste, the way the food is plated is amazing, the they bring the plate to the table, it looks like some place a work of art in front of one. I love taking a pictures of my food

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