Sphinx's Princess Book Review

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Sphinx’s Princess Sphinx’s Princess by Ester Friesner (2009) is an enchanting tale of a young girl learning to stand on her own. Nefertiti is kind, loving and beautiful daughter of the queen’s brother. She has everything she could ever want or need in life, except that what she wants and needs isn’t decided by her. Nefertiti goes behind her parent’s backs and gets lessons of reading and writing from one of the scribes, which is forbidden for girls to do in ancient Egypt. She loves her lessons and being able to read and write stories is her favorite thing to do. One day when her little sister bit-bit finds Nefertiti hiding out, she unknowlingly tells her father whom immediatly figures out Nefertiti is learning reading and writing. Nefertiti swore to the gods that she would never get lessons from the scribe Heneau again. Nefertiti and her family get invited to stay with the pharaoh and queen Tyie (Nefertiti’s aunt) for a little while. Before they leave, Nefertiti is given a little slave girl as a gift from one of the highest families in Akhmin. Nefertiti wants nothing more than to set the girl free from slavery. Since the young girls sister had been killed for not obeying, she was scared into not speaking so Nefertiti and her sister Bit-Bit had to come up with a name for her.They decided to call her Barett. When it was time to go to Abydos to visit The Pharoh and Queen Tyie, Barrett was scared and clunched onto Nefertiti the entire time. When they arrived Nefertiti was immediatly the family favorite of Queen Tyie, even before her own brother! She was given the largest room (which Barett went into with her) and had the queens full attention. It was when Nefertiti realized what the queen wanted when things went wrong. The Queen wanted Nefertiti to marry her son (and soon to be, prince). The family declined but had no voice agaist the queen and had to agree to it.

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