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This case study will focus on “Sperry Van Ness” a private commercial real estate brokerage firm that has been around since 1987, and is based here in the United States. In this case study, I will discuss how GIS has helped with its decision making, what kind of data has been utilized, and if they as a brokerage firm have had any success with using GIS software. I will also discuss why GIS is important for every company to have now because of its competitive advantage. GIS is not just a need for every company now, but it is now a necessity to have. Sperry Van Ness isn’t just a firm that sells houses. This firm sells and deals with billions of dollars and has a reputation of being one of the best real estate brokerage firms in America. They have numerous projects going throughout the United States. These projects range from retail, industrial, office, multi-family, and selling land. What this company does, is helping business expand, marketing, and bring in investors. It can be a bit complicated with what this company does, but to sum this company up is to say that they are a real estate brokerage firm that sells and deals with all aspects of real estate. For the past few years this firm has incorporated GIS software into all of their locations. GIS software is a type of information system that is used for collecting data to analyze and generate maps. A few benefits that GIS software has are having tables of data that can be combined into one location, and the data is organized spatially, or can be based on its physical location on a map. For a major real estate firm like Sperry Van Ness, GIS is probably the most important aspect of business because it allows investors and employees from the company to see where there investment is going and where, and what the locations are. This software can affect a lot of decision making because investors may look on

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