Sperm and Egg Essay

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The sperm and the egg assignment Lacy Etheridge PSY/265 November 18, 2013 Sanjay Paul The sperm and the egg assignment Woman are born with all of their eggs. Every month, an egg is released from the ovary (Planning for children module, 2012). Most of the time only one ovary releases an egg this process is called the ovulation process (Planning for children module, 2012). Men Have testicles that constantly produce sperm; for sperm it can take a few months for a sperm cell to develop ad mature to be ready to fertilize an egg (Planning for children module, 2012). Since a man’s testicles produce sperm all the time, so there is usually mature sperm around. When a man and woman have sex a man’s penis will ejaculate sperm into the vagina between 200 to 600 million sperm (Planning for children module, 2012). Once the sperm is inserted they began to find an egg. If a woman has released an egg which allows the sperm to make its way to the correct fallopian tube then work hard to fertilize the egg. Sperm are tiny microscopic cells but they have great swimming capabilities. Fluids from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles are mixed is called semen. Once the semen is deposited into the vagina, then they will find their way to the mouth of the uterus which is called the cervix (Planning for children module, 2012).After that the sperm will continue swimming it’s way to the fallopian tube will continue working very hard to make sure the egg gets fertilized (Planning for children module, 2012).The sperm has to swim through the cervix to the end of the womb just to reach the fallopian tube. The sperm will be lucky if the woman just ovulated and the egg is on its way if the woman is not ovulated then the sperm will chill out until it gets time for the woman to ovulate or until the woman’s eggs drops (Planning for children module, 2012). Sperm can with stained three to

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