Essay On Why Should Parents Spend Time With Children

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Spending Quality Time with Children Parents and their children need to spend time together in order to enhance family relationship and close family ties. This is the most compelling reason on why should parents spend time with their children. Also, parents are the most immediate individuals to whom the children learn the essential values and perspectives towards growing and life as a whole. The contemporary family life can be deemed to be very much different some decades ago. During those times, traditional family practices are seen to be unmistakable in every aspect of development – from personality to values as well as overall human development. Today, there are numerous external factors that affect every child such as the environment, other people, media and technology, educational and social institutions, and the likes. With the influences of these external factors and the conditions that go hand in hand with them, there is a strong need for parents to spend time with their children. The time in which parents and children spend together serves as the strongest foundation for holistic human development.…show more content…
As various factors and challenges are affecting the family as the most basic institution in the society, the availability of time to spend together seems to be the most imperative reason to keep the family united and bonded. With sufficient and quality time spent together, both parents and children are not just mere members of the family but it goes deeper to the real essence of the word. With the presence of time, human virtues like love, care, trust, appreciation, and others are cultivated. Thus, these create a better foundation for an ideal
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