Spending Of Blue Cross And Blue Shield Essay

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Concern about the spending of Blue Cross and Blue Shield By Jered Kemnitz West Fargo, ND Are you as concerned about where your premium dollars are being spent as I am? Over the last several years Blue Cross and Blue of North Dakota has had several ridiculous premium hikes. Not too long ago there was an attempt to raise the premiums as high as thirty percent, which the North Dakota insurance commission rightfully denied, but still allowed a very lucrative raise in premiums. I am fortunate to have some of my premium paid by my employer, but with the latest's premium hikes it was passed onto the employees. For those of you who are not covered by an employer, it must be a real agitation. According to the Fargo Forum's latest articles, Blue Cross and Blue Shield was under fire for the outlandish spending approved by your local board of directors of Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Top executives received thousands of dollars each year that were based on performance scales. I understand that people deserve to be rewarded for doing a well above average performance, but in the tough economic times we are all experiencing its giving us customers a real bitter taste at the moment. If they could see things from our side they might be more reluctant to take the big bonus checks. Raising our premiums for better health care is more palatable than raising our premiums to give a "performance bonus". Our premiums just covered a severance package for resignation of Blue Cross and Blue Shields latest CEO that has topped many larger company's across the United States. Our premiums put on a party, yes if you thought you misread a "party" for the going away of the CEO in the amount of

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