Spending Money For Nothing…

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Do elected governments have right to spend tax receipts on projects which do not direct benefit their own citizens? To what extent has this occurred with the International Space Station? Essay Spending money for nothing… Every year elected governments receives a huge amount of money from citizens. All owners of cars, each businessman and trader, a person who carries goods through custom and make deals have to pay taxes. Some of this money goes for benefits directly related with people needs and interests, but a great deal spends on projects which do not. Authorities have the right to waste money for project which do not directly influencing on citizens or they do not, depends from point of view. And very tough to determine will it brings any positive effect in society. World knows a lot of examples of unsuccessful projects useless for ordinary people which were only waste of money and time. For instance – LHC (Large Hadrons Collider) in spite of a great amount of money which have been invested in it still do not have any significant results, despite on loud statements. Many people think it might be better to spend money for more important needs like medicine, education, payment for workers, cities’ infrastructure. Therefore governments do not have rights to finance such projects. Reality is that a number of successful projects is much higher than failed. May be these projects do not directly bring benefit to citizens, but in future it will. Although a lot of people consider what International Space Station is not a good idea, but it indeed successful project. In this space-laboratory have been made a huge number of inventions and discovers in medicine, technology and even in agriculture. According to Julie Robinson, the ISS program scientist in NASA, number of investigations rapidly increased from 30 to 100 in two year term. Researches include exploration
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