Spending Limitations on Political Campaigns

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Spending limitations on political campaigns Today the amount of money or lack of it seems to be a key point for political candidates and their campaigns. Do I think there should be a limit on campaign spending, certainly? With everything that is wrong with our country that could be fixed with some resourceful ideas, we seem perfectly content to allow politicians to spend millions of dollars each election year to buy the office of their choice. For a country that is in debt, has homeless people living on the streets, families going hungry or seeking government assistance, we certainly do like our seem ok with the million dollar political campaigns that go on. Undeniably the amount of money a candidate has to spend should not be the focal point but should be the issues and differences each one brings to the table. Setting spending limits would place the candidates on equal ground, limiting the amount of money a candidate can spend on being elected would force them to be inventive in getting their message out to voters. It’s understandable that a certain amount of money is needed to run a campaign, but it should not have an impact on whether a candidate will be there for the long haul. “Perhaps the most basic complaint about money and politics is that there may be a direct link between dollars spent and votes received”. Candidates spend an astronomical amount of money trying to outdo the competition and get the attention of voters. Today so much competes for our attention that we have become uninterested, often feeling like our vote or opinions don’t matter or make much of a difference. By setting spending limits and giving candidates an even playing field it might put the focus on political issues rather than political relationships. Were supposed to elect candidates to represent us based on how they plan to help this country out. Spending limits could
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