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Nowadays, the application of IT evolution within enterprises is considered as the sharp weapon for competition. Competition among enterprises is not price competition, but the product quality, technology and innovation, and customer services competition. Through reading the book Information Technology for Managers, I learnt that Information Technology includes all tools that capture, store, process, exchange, and use information. To increase revenue and profits, many enterprises were using IT to gain competitive advantages. In the context of information technology development, enterprises in different levels of IT stages are carrying out various IT related strategies according to their needs and specific conditions. Therefore, there is no necessary link between the cost of IT investment and the achievement of business benefit. First of all, with the population of smart phone devices, people have enjoyed the benefit of IT in the daily life. The trend of personal IT consumption encourages the development of enterprise IT. For most companies, more than 85 percent of IT related budget is just maintaining the daily operation. For our company, taking advantage of the rest 15 percent part is pivotal to win in the marketplace. As the IT division controller, I plan to integrate IT operation with business management, setting up a communication platform both for employees and customers. The inside enterprise networking system will short the time to prepare conference, reduce travel expenses and save the average time of workers to find information through our search engine. At the same time, we also commit to maintain the good relationship with our customers. A research from Harvard Business School demonstrated that with a 5 percent increase in customer satisfaction, corporate profits will be doubled. Our

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