Spend Money Essay

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Deciding how to spend money effectively is an endless discussion. Some people find that buying a house is more preferable, other show great favor of doing business. From my perspective, purchasing a business is an ideal choice if I have enough money due to several reasons. First and foremost, what I put in my priority is profit making. It can’t be denied that business can make profit. With my money, I can do anything that satisfies me. For example, I definitely spend money that I have earned going for a trip to relax after a long time working hard. More notably, it is possible to make enough money to buy a house. Thus, I am able to have a good business and a house. Second of all, experience is what I concern about. It is obvious that purchasing a business creates a golden chance for me to know more about managing my money. I surely use money more effectively to save money for me and for my family. Furthermore, I also have a chance to do business better. I can get experience from what I have overcome. Therefore, I will definitely avoid some troubles which affect me harmfully. Last but not least, acquaintance holds no less important. When I do business, I am able to make more friends. I can make friends with my customers or my colleagues. This will help me expand my business. More importantly, doing business make my communicating skill better because I have to talk to people all the
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