Spellbound: a Journey Into Different Lives Essay

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As John F. Kennedy once said, “A child miseducated is a child lost.“ There is no doubt in my mind that kids involved in spelling bees are not miseducated. If you have ever been around kids involved in spelling bees, you would know that these kids are probably the smartest kids around. Spellbound, a 2002 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary which was directed by Jeffrey Blitz, show us the different paths eight participants and their families take to make it to the National Spelling Bee. Two of these contestants are Angela Arenivar, from Perryton, Texas, and Neil Kadakia, from San Clemente, California. Perryton is a small rural town where there really is not much to do, while San Clemente is an urban town in which there is lots to do. Although Angela and Neil share the passion of wanting to win the spelling bee, their upbringings and the resources they have access to end up being the deciding factor in how far they make it in the competition. Angela and Neil both have the drive to be the last speller standing. Throughout the film, Angela is always very upbeat about the competition and everything related to it. She has high hopes for winning the bee and is shown as a very competitive person. She does this not because her parents are pushing her to do the spelling bee, but because she wants to. Neil is competitive in his own way. He wants to win the spelling bee, not only for himself, but for his family. His family pushes him and helps him so he does well in the spelling bee. As you can see, they both have the want. Although they both want to be number one, they come from distinct backgrounds. Angela was raised of a farm with her poor family; Neil was raised in a nice neighborhood with his wealthy family. Angela was raised with her mother Conception, her father Ubaldo and her brother Jorge. She attends a public school in a town where there really is nothing

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