Speeding and Contacting Chain of Comand Essay

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2000 Word Essay I am writing this essay about Speeding and contacting my chain of command. First off I have to write this essay because I messed up these passed two weeks with something I've done. I was speeding going down the road 258, going West I believe this is correct. I was going 70 in a 55, 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, which was stupid of me. After the police officer gave me the ticket I should have contacted my fire team leader, fire team leader CPL Walls. I did not do this, which was my first mistake, I got the ticket 2 weeks ago about an hour after getting off for the memorial day 96. I was roughly about 50 miles away still in the county The ticket came out to be 30 dollars, and the court cost was 188 dollars, which is a grand total of 218 dollars. The court date is set at the end of the month of June. This is the first ticket or anything I've done bad while driving a car. I never speed but this time I was passing a car in front of me going 50, so when the lines in the road broke, because it was a one lane each way road. I passed him after I saw there was no cars coming in the other direction. Then the police officer was just up ahead, but more importantly for me speeding in the first place was wrong, because it is breaking the law. Going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit is an NJP able offense. So many bad things will happen because of this, my insurance is going to go up, so I have to pay more, and I could loose money. Which would not be good at all. But is you do stupid things, stuff is going to happen. It would not be as bad if I told my Fire team leader right away. So he could of ran it up higher through the chain of command, the squad leader and so on, and so on. Contacting my chain of command if very important, with anything not just speeding tickets. Like if you were in somewhere like Afghanistan and you went outside of the wire,

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