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If action is not taken immediately to slow down cars driving in our neighborhood, serious accidents will happen. Drivers speed through our neighborhood streets daily. While we were moving into our new home I noticed drivers speeding very fast in our neighborhood. The community where we live is fairly new and no speed limit signs are posted. I think drivers should follow the Basic Speed Law. Regardless of posted speed limits a vehicle’s speed should depend on weather, traffic, road condition and visibility factors, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Most drivers do not follow the Basic Speed Law and this is a problem for everyone who lives on our street. Drive slowly through our Sub Divisions to help prevent kids from getting injured or killed. A driver who speeds in a neighborhood will not have enough time to avoid an accident. Speeding reduces the amount of available time needed to avoid a crash. When a person walks across the street a driver will need time to identify the person as a pedestrian. A speeding driver can not react fast enough so, the outcome maybe critical injuries to the pedestrian or worse the pedestrians death. The most important effect of speeding in a neighborhood street is that speeding kills! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) speed-related deaths occurred on local roadways, which include neighborhood streets. More than one-fifth of children between ages 5 and 9 killed in traffic incidents in 2001 were pedestrians. There should be a posted speed limit of 20 mph in our Neighborhood. Drivers have more time to stop when driving at 20-30 mph. Drivers are more likely to avoid danger at lesser speeds. Although some drivers travel faster than the posted speed limit there should still be numerous reminders for drivers to slow down while driving in a neighborhood. There should be a posted

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