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When asked to write this essay, I was met with a plethora of topics to bring up. The one that stood out in my mind is the risks. There are a lot of them concerning speeding, but some more potent then others. The risk of a crash in a 60 mph zone doubles with every 5 mph above the limit. If we are to combat this dangerous, life-threatening behavior, we must devote increased resources to better enforcement, including more law enforcement officers to patrol the highways, and we must support technological advances, such as video cameras, to target aggressive, speeding drivers. The public needs to be made more aware of the dangers of speeding. You can frequently watch ads for fast cars and ways to avoid police on the roads. The police and the community have expressed particular concern about the potential of these ads to influence the behavior of young drivers. The risk of being involved in a crash increases with the speed a vehicle is being driven because there is less time to react, less control of the vehicle and the distance needed to stop is longer. The higher the speed a vehicle is travelling when it hits a pedestrian the greater the chance of a fatality occurring. The impact on a person in a crash at 60 mph is equivalent to falling from a four story building, while the impact at 100 mph equals falling from a 12-story building. Speeding has been implicated as a contributing factor in about one-third of all fatal motor-vehicle crashes. However, very little information is available on when, where, and under what conditions drivers engage in speeding and other unsafe driving actions or behaviors; nor is there adequate information on the types of drivers who engage in these behaviors. Speed reduces the amount of available time needed to avoid a crash, increases the likelihood of crashing and increases the severity of a crash once it occurs. Speeding is defined as

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