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Speedball Study Guide In speedball, elements of basketball, football, and soccer are used. The ball may be kicked and dribbled with the feet as in soccer, caught and thrown as in basketball, punted or dropped kicked as in football and soccer. In general, soccer rules apply when the ball is being played on the ground, GROUND BALL, basketball rules govern aerial or fly balls, AERIAL BALL and football rules is brought into the game by the use of a forward pass to score a touchdown. The purpose of the game is to advance the ball down field and score while the opponents attempt to intercept the ball and score at their end of the field. PLAYERS: The game is played by two teams of 11 players, center forward, right and left inner, right and left wings, center halfback, right and left halfbacks, right and left fullbacks and a goalie. PLAYING AREA: The field is marked with a dividing line and two restraining lines, one on each side of the center line approximately 10 yards. A penalty line which extends near each goal line from which all scoring must be done from behind the line, ten yards from the goaline. PLAYING RULES: 1. Game is started by a kick off in the center of the field 2. The ball may not be touched by the kicking team until it has been touched by the receiving team. 3. The ball is put into play after each goal by a center kick. 4. A ground ball may be kicked, headed, or played with any part of the body except the hands or arms. 5. An aerial ball may be caught and thrown and continued until the ball touches the ground. 6. A ground ball becomes an aerial ball only when it is kicked off the ground. 7. A player may not run with the ball; however you are allowed two steps without penalty after catching the ball on the run. 8. You are allowed one step in making an aerial pass after catching the ball while standing. 9. A player may make one

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