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Abdul Leadership (summer I) 2008 Team Work and Fast Learning Time is one of the learning process element need to be satisfied and when it comes to a team learning it become critical. It is obvious that team learning takes a longer time and longer process which will slow their work and cost the team a lost of so many opportunities. There are some other new ways to speed up the learning process and make the learning more effective and better team work. The measures of success in team learning came down to the way teams were put together or team’s design and team’s management. Team leaders often picked their team members by their area of experience and their skills. Even though among the number of people who are well experienced and well skilled there are other values to determine how to be the better team member. The other values are the individual’s ability to work with others, willingness to deal with new and ambiguous situations, and confidence in offering suggestions to team members with higher status. Another aspect of team design was the degree to which substitutions were permitted. If all members of the team are equally capable of doing the work of particular discipline, then team member are substituted for one another. In that case teams have to learn from each other and how to work together as well. Teams, even more than individuals, learn through errors and mistakes because of the many interactions among members’ more than well-designed training program or well preparation of individuals. The team work would allow for more learning among the team with new ways of doing things to improve team performance-even if some of the new ways turned out not to work. Team management as one of the main factors of speed up the learning shows how the management affects the team work. The most successful teams had leaders who actively managed their teams’

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