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Speed And Reaction Time Essay

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For this assignment I carried out two testing procedures; These being ‘beep test’ and ’30 metre sprint test’.
Week 6
Speed and Reaction time
Prior to any fitness testing taking place, it is imperative a health questionnaire, PAR-Q, and consent form are all completed. This allows any health queries or issues to be raised before any testing. Particularly a health questionnaire will highlight any reasons as to why fitness testing should not take place. It also gives the client the opportunity to raise any concerns they may have.
Following this routine checks are made to monitor Blood pressure, heart rate, lung functioning, height and weight.
Again these tests may highlight reasons why any fitness testing should not take place, however if all good these results can used to monitor progress over a period of time.

After conducting my questionnaires I was particularly concerned about my client’s participation in this fitness test due to her repetitive complaints of back pain. It has now come to my attention that my client is now signed on sick from work and therefore she will not be continuing with this fitness test.

The table below shows the results of these tests for Week 6

Test Week 6
Blood pressure (systolic)
          ‘’               (Diasolic) 119
Heart rate 70
Lung functioning 1.97
Height 168cm
Weight 11.0 stone

In adults, an ideal blood pressure should be 120 Systolic /80 Diastolic mmHg. The results show that the client’s blood pressure was ideal and highlighted no reason for concern.
Likewise, an average adult’s Heart Rate should be between 60-100 beats per minute, therefore a result of 70 beats per minute was ideal.

30 metre sprint test
‘Sprint or speed tests can be performed over varying distances, depending on the factors being tested and the relevance to the sport.’(www.topendsports.com)
Track, stopwatch, measuring tape
The test involves sprinting in a straight line to reach...

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