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The Eye-Opener In 2005, Steve Jobs and David Foster Wallace gave speeches to college graduates, who are members of Generation Me, on their commencement day. Both speakers were narrating parables and stories from their lives that could be of any assistance or influence to the members of Gen Me audience. Stories that would change their mindsets and their perception toward life and most importantly toward themselves.Their messages were to some degree different from each other. Wallace’s message was to enlighten his audience of the wrongness of thinking that they are the centre of the earth, not seeing a need for introspection and being unaware of the real life and putting themselves first; while Job’s message was to encourage them to follow their dreams, do what pleases them, express and be themselves. However, Jobs addressed one negative thing Gen Me did not know of about itself. Although the messages of both speakers specify different aspects in Gen Me,Both speeches showed that they manifests that the speakers understood their audience very well, as they discussed things Gen me is and is not aware of about itself and this give the speakers both have the potential to influence Gen me. David Wallace understanding of his audience was focused more on the negative things that Gen Me doesn’t know about itself, as the members of Gen me think that they are always doing the right thing (Twenge 12). The main idea of Wallace’s speech is to elaborate to the audience what does elaborating the meaning of liberal arts mean. So in order to start his talk, he mentioned that when he was a student he never liked anyone to tell him how to think (1) i.e to criticize him. The point of mentioning this was to let the steam off as he understood that Gen Me does not take criticism (Twenge 26), and grab their attentions without them thinking the purpose of his speech is to criticize

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