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Public Speaking COMM-192-02 Speech Outline Topic: What it is like to be a non-traditional college student. General Purpose: to Inform Specific Purpose: Understand what it is like for an older person to return to college. Introduction: Body: I. What makes me a non-traditional student? a. I commute everyday that I have classes. b. I am thirty years old and finally going back to finish what I started. II. What makes me like you? a. I have a part-time job. Your job may be on campus or off. Mine is at my local school district as a par-professional. I work with children that need help and special attention. b. We are both here to learn and get a degree. Just I came back later than you. III. What makes me different? a. I am a mother of three children, if you count my husband four. b. I am a troop leader for three girl scout troops (Daisy, Brownie & Junior). c. I am Secretary for Mifflinburg Elementary Home & School Association. d. You live on campus and I go home every night. e. I have my activities, plus my children and husbands activities then need to add homework and studying to my list. f. I have to clean the house and cook meals everyday. Most likely your dorm rooms are lucky if they get cleaned once a month or some of you only when parents come to visit. IV. Experiences / lack of experiences for me as a non-traditional student a. I spend all my free time between classes in the Library, reading or doing homework, so I don’t have as much to do when I arrive at home. b. I have only every eaten on campus, once. c. I have never been in the gym. d. Group projects are difficult with my crazy schedule and all my family schedules (due to being the Mom Taxi). e. I was to my very first Opera here at SU. (Which I loved) V. Emotion/feelings a. At times I feel very overwhelmed and exhausted with everything here and my
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